What you need to know about porcelain countertops

Porcelain countertops are an amazing man-made countertop with so many fantastic attributes. They are becoming increasingly popular all over the country and for good reason! Here are some must-knows about Porcelain countertops for any prospective buyer: How Porcelain is made – Porcelain countertops are made from non-porous ceramic clay that has a variety of minerals. […]

Why choose porcelain over other types

Porcelain is a super versatile material that has been used all over the home from tiles to countertops. It has become a much bigger name in countertops over the years and is growing in popularity all over the United States. That being said, Quartz and Granite are still fantastic countertop options, so why choose porcelain […]

Benefits of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is a fantastic man-made rock that has been taking over the countertop business. Quartz countertops are up there with granite in durability and porcelain in product flexibility! Here are a few of the awesome benefits of quartz countertops.  Scratch and chip-resistant – Quartz is super resistant to scratching and chipping. It is near indestructible! […]

When is it Time to Get a New Kitchen Countertop?

Kitchen countertops make up a good chunk of your kitchen. Most kitchens have a lot of countertop spaces and sometimes it seems those countertops will be there forever. Like with everything though, life happens sometimes. Countertops can get damaged or ruined just like any product. Here are a couple of reasons why you might decide […]

Why porcelain and Dekton countertops work with induction cooking

Induction cooking is an excellent up-and-coming way to cook your food. It is safe and reduces burns in the kitchen while also being faster and more efficient than a conventional stove. It works by placing an induction cooking burner underneath a countertop and using magnets to get the heat to your pan in an efficient […]

Three Facts About Porcelain

Porcelain is used everywhere from showers and outdoor patios to kitchen countertops. It has so many uses that it’s hard to nail down the facts. A lot of items that can be used anywhere have the assumption that they are lesser products and don’t match up to more place-specific types of material, but with porcelain […]

What Types of Granite Countertops are There?

Granite countertops are top-tier countertops for any kitchen. It can seem like a huge step to upgrade to a granite countertop, everyone knows granite is expensive! But granite has some huge advantages for your home! And the best thing about granite is there is more than one type! There are countless different designs, so you […]

Why You Should Get Chip Minimizer for Your Quartz Countertops

Let’s face it; after years and years of excessive use, even the best countertop is liable to chip. Countertops receive some of the most use in your entire kitchen, so they should be the most protected. There’s no way to completely stop this issue if the countertop is being used constantly, but the next best […]

Benefits of the induction cooking surfaces – The Invisacook

Invisacook is a hot new commodity in the kitchen! Induction burners can be placed underneath your countertop, and you can cook your food without gas or electric burners! This helps save room in your kitchen and increases countertop space! Besides those obvious improvements, what other benefits are there for Invisacook?  Speed – Induction burners cook […]