Why granite countertops add value to your home

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any home, but besides just being aesthetically beautiful, they can also increase the value of your home by up to 25% percent. Granite may be expensive, but the money you will get from the increase in value to your home is worth looking into! Here are the biggest […]

Other uses for porcelain in your home

Porcelain is an up and coming material that is now being used to make beautiful countertops. With such a versatile material, however, there are so many more uses for porcelain than just countertops! It can come in countless different styles and boasts low maintenance; here are some of the common areas it is being used […]

Kitchen cabinet trends to look for in 2021

With fall ended and winter picking up, 2021 is just around the corner. We are all asking ourselves what will this new year will bring and nobody knows what to expect. Well, besides with the latest kitchen cabinet trends!  Trends are currently moving kitchen cabinets to a more modern and less flash kind of design. […]

Why Appleton Homeowners Should Choose Porcelain Countertops

A beautiful countertop is the heart of any kitchen. It is one of the first items a visiting guest will notice and it literally holds up part of the kitchen on a pedestal. Porcelain countertops can show off the beauty of your home without breaking the bank.  Porcelain kitchen countertops have been used for years […]

Why Wisconsin Homeowners Need Quartz Countertops

Are you a Wisconsin homeowner in need of a good quartz countertop company?  If you have outdated, vinyl, or tile countertops, then the answer is probably “yes”!  Whether you have a modern style preference or prefer a more country-inspired home, stone countertops can fit all styles with both beauty and function.  Here are some reasons […]

Kitchen Design Trends For 2020

As we approach Fall, Winter, and the end of 2020 during the continuing pandemic, we are becoming more aware that we might be stuck inside when the cold hits for everyone’s health safety. This makes families more aware of upgrades they can make to their kitchen to make this communal family space more convenient and […]

AMC Countertops Offers Amish Made Cabinets

The AMC Countertop team is excited to announce that they have become a (nearly) full-service kitchen renovation team. This is an excellent opportunity for our homeowners to work with just our team members during their kitchen design process to simplify an already stressful renovation.  Working with fewer designers limits the number of people you and […]

How to keep your quartz countertops clean from coronavirus

During this pandemic, we are all making extra efforts to keep our homes clean from the coronavirus. One of the most vulnerable spots in your home is your kitchen countertops. Your countertops are the first place you set your masks, groceries, mail, and other items you drop when you enter your home, so keeping your […]