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An Invisible, Smarter, & Safer Way to Cook

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At AMC Countertops, we challenge ourselves to continue to install the latest products to make what we believe is the most important room in your home, even better.  Your kitchen is where your family greets each other in the morning and parts ways at night so we have brought a product to the Appleton, Neenah, Fond du Lac, Oshkosh, and Ripon areas that is safe to use for your whole family.

Invisacook is the “future, the technology, and the convenience” for your home’s kitchen.  It is the ability to turn your Dekton or Porcelain countertop into a working stove that is safe to touch even at its highest settings.  Turning your countertop into a stove frees up space in your kitchen and makes this product safer for kids to use (with parental assistance).  When we say safe to touch, this means that you can have your Invisacook turned all the way up and still be able to touch it with bare skin and not get burned!

With everything from our tv’s, garage door openers, and more being connected to our phone, it is no surprise that Invisacook is new smart cooking technology.  This smart feature allows you to control your stove through your phone or tablet!  The Invisacook is also able to turn off by itself after 5 minutes of not sensing cookware keeping your home safe when you are distracted by everyday life.  Who knew you could have a smart stovetop hidden in your countertop?!

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No direct heat comes from the device, which makes it safe to use in a variety of venues or situations.


InvisaCook offers the opportunity to use valuable counter space as counter when not in use.


Invisacook allows for a seamless counter top. Give your kitchen a sleek look.


Invisa-induction is faster than gas and electric cooktops resulting in precise cooking, easy cleaning and better efficiency.

The invisacook system excels in many areas where conventional stove tops struggle

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