What to look for in a new countertop

So you’ve finally decided that your old worn-out countertop has too many dents or too many stains and you need a fresh new look in your kitchen. But what is next? There are so many countertops on the market with different styles and made of different materials, so how do you choose which one is […]

Porcelain countertops and Invisacook

The future of technology is happening every day. There is always a new product and new ways of doing things that help better our lives for the better. One of the most convenient products for the kitchen in the coming years is Invisacook induction burners! It works great with your porcelain countertop and can even […]

Benefits of granite countertops in Sheboygan, WI

Granite countertops are one of the most beautiful and high-end countertops you can get. Each one comes in a unique natural design and they can change an ordinary kitchen into a stunning kitchen in a blink of an eye. But why is there so much promotion for a granite countertop? What are its benefits and […]

What to look for in an Appleton countertop company

Getting new countertops for your kitchen or bathroom can be a long and expensive process. When you are first deciding to upgrade your kitchen it can be a lot to handle to find the right countertop company for your job. There are so many out there it is hard to know which one is the […]

Benefits of Porcelain Countertops for Oshkosh Homeowners

Porcelain is a versatile countertop option that has been used for centuries. When picking out your next countertop, it is a must to put porcelain in the equation. Here are a couple of benefits of porcelain that make it one of the best countertop options to date! Extensive design options – Porcelain is super customizable. […]

Creole Chicken Marsala

Creole Pan Seared Chicken – Wild Mushroom Marsala Wine Sauce Serving:   4/8 oz. servings INGREDIENTS QUANTITY PROCEDURE Marinated Chicken Boneless Chicken Breast  2 pounds/4 chicken beast Fat removed if any. Marinated from service counter.  Italian Seasoning  1 tablespoon Spread evenly among the 4 chicken breast Avocado Oil 1 tablespoon Almost any oil will work […]

Benefits of quartz countertops

Quartz has been an up-and-coming countertop style for many years. It offers many of the same benefits as granite but with some unique perks all to itself. Here’s why you should choose quartz countertops for your next remodel! Scratch and chip-resistant – Quartz is impervious to scratching and chipping. It is near indestructible! Most quartz […]

Why granite countertops add value to your home

Granite countertops are a beautiful addition to any home, but besides just being aesthetically beautiful, they can also increase the value of your home by up to 25% percent. Granite may be expensive, but the money you will get from the increase in value to your home is worth looking into! Here are the biggest […]

Other uses for porcelain in your home

Porcelain is an up and coming material that is now being used to make beautiful countertops. With such a versatile material, however, there are so many more uses for porcelain than just countertops! It can come in countless different styles and boasts low maintenance; here are some of the common areas it is being used […]