Why choose porcelain over other types

Porcelain is a super versatile material that has been used all over the home from tiles to countertops. It has become a much bigger name in countertops over the years and is growing in popularity all over the United States. That being said, Quartz and Granite are still fantastic countertop options, so why choose porcelain […]

Why porcelain and Dekton countertops work with induction cooking

Induction cooking is an excellent up-and-coming way to cook your food. It is safe and reduces burns in the kitchen while also being faster and more efficient than a conventional stove. It works by placing an induction cooking burner underneath a countertop and using magnets to get the heat to your pan in an efficient […]

Porcelain countertops and Invisacook

The future of technology is happening every day. There is always a new product and new ways of doing things that help better our lives for the better. One of the most convenient products for the kitchen in the coming years is Invisacook induction burners! It works great with your porcelain countertop and can even […]