Kitchen Design Trends For 2020

As we approach Fall, Winter, and the end of 2020 during the continuing pandemic, we are becoming more aware that we might be stuck inside when the cold hits for everyone’s health safety. This makes families more aware of upgrades they can make to their kitchen to make this communal family space more convenient and enjoyable. So here are three upgrades our team recommends for a Wisconsin homeowner.

  1. Light-colored kitchen cabinets – We spend quality time with our kids and our spouses or partners in our kitchens. We talk about our days, listen to each other’s struggles, and celebrate holidays and birthdays in our kitchens. So we want our kitchens to be light, bright, and positive places, and light kitchen cabinets can brighten a whole kitchen from top to bottom! We love the Georgetown in White from Kountry Wood. amish made kitchen cabinets
  2. Granite or Quartz countertops – Stone countertops not only look more sophisticated, but they also add value and function to your home. Granite and Quartz countertops are durable, easy to clean, and come in a variety of colors. We love light-colored countertops; our current favorite is the Lake Tahoe from our exclusive AMC Collection.
  3. Cabinet hardware and faucets – Shiny metals wavy detailing used to be the trend in cabinet hardware and faucets, but the trend has been beautiful brushed metal with clean straight lines for the past couple of years. Simple is back and better!

Whether you start with just upgrading your cabinet hardware and faucet or you decide to do a complete kitchen remodel by replacing your kitchen cabinets and countertops, investing in your family’s communal space is an investment everyone can enjoy. Our team can help you with your next kitchen remodel. Visit our website to try out our kitchen visual to get the process started and to learn more about our granite, and quartz countertops and our Amish made cabinets!

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