Granite or Quartz Countertops? Which is Best for Your Kitchen?

Granite and quartz are the two premier countertop options that always get brought up when looking for a countertop! They both have a unique look to them that makes them stand out for homeowners and buyers alike! They can be the perfect addition to your beautiful home, but how do you choose? Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Whether you are choose granite or quartz countertops, here are the most important things to look for when thinking about which is best for your kitchen:

Natural stone – If you are looking for natural stone, granite is the way to go. Granite countertops are always natural and are the only option that can give you that appeal. Quartz countertops can mimic the look of natural stone, but it can never get the pure beauty and ruggedness that granite has.

Price – What’s best for your wallet is usually best for your kitchen! Granite has a large range of prices based on the quality of granite you get; it can range anywhere from $55-$150 per square foot. Quartz is usually around $70-$100 a square foot. This can be a huge decider when thinking about granite or quartz countertops!

Durability – Granite and quartz are both extremely durable countertop options. Both are hard to crack and are heat and chip resistant! Granite is a little pickier and since it has a natural and rugged shape, it has been known to chip more often than granite does if you are too hard on it. Granite also is a little more particular than quartz in the cleaning department, so if you have kids, you might have a harder time keeping your granite countertop clean. But with a keen eye and proper cleaning, your granite countertop will last a long time!

Color – Granite is a natural stone, so it can only come in the colors it that it appears naturally. Quartz however can come in many different colors with the use of pigments! And this can have the appearance of natural stone so it’s a win-win!

Both Granite and quartz countertops would make a fantastic addition to any kitchen. The only thing left is granite or quartz countertops for you and your kitchen!

If you have questions, give us a call at AMC Countertops (920) 204-7625 or fill out our contact form and we will call you! We proudly install a variety of sink styles and quartz countertops with custom edge profiles.  We carry an array of sinks from brands such as Solera and Blanco. We install granite, quartz, and Dekton countertops, and offer brands such as Cambria, Silestone, Viatera, Caesarstone, Corian Quartz, and more. We service the Fox Cities including, Fond du Lac, Ripon, Oshkosh, Neenah, as well as Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Madison.

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