Do Granite Countertops Help Sell Your Home

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Most likely you have heard that renovating your kitchen will improve the property value of your home. This is entirely true, a beautiful kitchen update can bring in up to 70% return on investment. We are here to help you decide where you will get the most bang for your buck in kitchen renovations – from where you can save a little money to what key pieces (granite countertops) are worth the investment.

The Top 4 Kitchen Updates to Improve Property Value

Kitchen Floors

Damaged, outdated linoleum, or stained kitchen floors are an eyesore. With all of the new flooring materials on the market today, you do not have to spend a fortune to update your kitchen flooring. Vinyl flooring has come a long way. Luxury vinyl tiles that look like wood floors are easy to install and add beauty to your kitchen at an affordable price. Tile is a close second to wood flooring in kitchen updates and profitability. Tile floors are durable and come in a wide variety of design, color, and size.

Kitchen Countertops

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When your potential buyers walk into your kitchen, you want them to love it. Updating your kitchen countertops to quartz or granite countertops will ensure this is how buyers feel. Granite countertops are the most popular countertop choice of home buyers. With natural beauty, durability, and so many different color selections, granite countertops are what home buyers are looking for. Quartz is a great kitchen countertop choice as well. Quartz countertops are engineered; therefore, they are low maintenance, extremely durable, and offer the widest selection of colors and designs. Kitchen countertop upgrades are definitely a place you will want to spend some extra money when renovating your kitchen.

Kitchen Island

If you do not have a kitchen island, get one. Now, this might not be feasible for all kitchen spaces, but the convenience, extra workspace, and seating, is valuable for many home buyers. So if you are able, add it. Kitchen islands can range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. With this wide range of cost, you have many options that will add beauty and functionality to your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinets

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Depending on how old your kitchen cabinets are and what they are made of, you can save money on your kitchen remodel. If you have beautiful oak or maple cabinets but they are outdated, jump on Pinterest and learn how to refinish them yourself. While time-consuming, definitely a money saver. Painted kitchen cabinets are in style as well, so if your cabinets are ugly and made of a durable material, painting them is a great and inexpensive option. Buying new kitchen cabinet doors is an option as well. Flat-panel, shaker, and raised-panel are the top three popular cabinet styles to consider. Consider spray painting your kitchen cabinet hardware to finish off the look of your updated cabinets.

Remodeling your kitchen to sell your home is a great way to increase the value of your home. A kitchen remodel does not have to be the tens of thousands of dollars you see on tv. Stop into AMC Countertops today. We offer a beautiful variety of granite countertops, quartz, and Dekton countertops. We serve Fond du Lac, Ripon, Oshkosh, Neenah, Appleton and the rest of the Fox Cities as well as Green Bay, Milwaukee, and Madison areas. Or check out our kitchen visualizer to see what your kitchen would look like remodeled.

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