Oshkosh, Wisconsin is starting to go crazy about quartz countertops as the popularity of quartz is picking up around the world. They are an incredible countertop option and are perfect to get the look of granite with many more options for customization. Quartz is a beautiful mineral and can be used to create almost any pattern you’d like. Here are a few facts Oshkosh homeowners might find particularly interesting.

Almost invincible – Quartz countertops are almost invincible. They are incredibly resistant to scratching and staining, and even if they weren’t, it is easy to fix a quartz countertop. Quartz can take the hustle and bustle of any Oshkosh homeowners family and tends to last for many many years in tip-top condition.

More than just quartz – Quartz countertops actually aren’t just completely quartz. It’s common to find other minerals and rocks inside your quartz countertop like granite or marble. It is super cool to have a countertop made with many different minerals and it gives it a look that your Oshkosh neighbors will be jealous of!

An eco-friendly option – The environment and sustainability seem to be on everyone’s mind lately. The good news is that quartz is one of the most common minerals on the planet! To build most quartz countertops they use the leftover pieces of other countertops so there is almost no waste from manufacturing quartz! This is the perfect countertop for Oshkosh, Wisconsin’s work at going green!

Quartz is an amazing material that has many advantages. Considering upgrading to a quartz countertop today and see all the beauty and durability quartz has to offer you!

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