AMC Countertops provides a One-Year Installation Warranty on products to be free from defects in workmanship on the installation components of the job, including initial fit, hard seams and sink installation, and materials in accordance with the manufacturer’s specification for residential and commercial usage. Only jobs that are paid in full are eligible for warranty coverage.


Please refer to the specific brand warranty for exact coverage and exclusions. All work required under the terms of the warranty will be done as determined by the manufacturer. Purchaser must maintain the countertops in accordance with the care and maintenance guide provided by the manufacturer.


  • For natural stone: pits, pores, fissures, cracks, fills, shading, inclusions, flaking and variances without limitations are natural characteristics and are not covered by any warranty
  • Characteristics for stone surfaces such as color variation, watermarks, surface marks, natural aging, gloss, polish levels, surface graining, tensile strength, veining, color pooling, pieces of crushed stone added to the fill, resin with a the different sheen, polishing marks visible when slab is laid horizontally and with certain light.
  • Incidental damage caused on a construction site due to improper care or accidental abuse by other trades and/or accidental impact, excessive stress or load placed on the stone, dropping a heavy object, fire or acts of God
  • Damage caused by abuse or accident such as scratches, chips, dents, impact marks, stains, cleaners damage, acidic or aggressive chemicals or cleaners, batteries, etc.
  • Products subject to direct heat or sustained cold or hot thermal shock causing, but not limited to heat damage, cracks, discoloration, etc.
  • Products installed in applications such as saunas, steam showers, etc.
  • Cracks due, but not limited to sudden changes of temperature, stress, support, shifting, settlement, etc.
  • Products installed with improper or insufficient support, cabinets, structures, substrate, or sub-floors for countertops.
  • Installations that are out-of-plane by more than 1⁄4”
  • Separation of seams or damage caused by house settlement, cabinet shifting, lack of adequate support, uneven cabinets or floor
  • Quantity or placement of seams or the materials used to fill the seam. Seams can be felt and seen and are not considered a defect in regards to material or workmanship
  • Regular maintenance such as cleaning
  • Fallen of shifted sinks due to hooking plumbing prior to 24 hours after installation
  • Separation or discoloration of caulk that occurs 30 days after completion
  • Replacement of caulks and silicones not curing properly due to using water or wiping clean prior to the curing time after installation
  • Products installed in an exterior environment
  • Expenses incurred or associated with the warranty claim, such as plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, flooring, walls and any other costs incurred in the replacement or repair.
  • Products not purchased or that were not installed by AMC Countertops


AMC Countertops is limited to the repair or replacement of the defective product (piece) only, at its absolute discretion and subject to the availability of the material. We will replace or repair the defect item with the same grade and quality of material using an acceptable color match, if available, and accepting that there are natural variations in veining and color with the stone. There is no assurance to the purchase that the replacement will match the countertop installed. If the material is no longer available, liability is limited to the cash value of the original price of the installed price, if we determine that a satisfactory repair cannot be made. This warranty is only redeemable in the form of a credit towards the replacement material.

A claim must be submitted in writing and AMC Countertops must be given sufficient time and opportunity to inspect, evaluate and respond to the claim. Purchaser understands that All decisions regarding the existence of manufacturing or workmanship defects shall be made by AMC Countertops and shall be final and binding upon parties. Repairs may only be made by AMC Countertops. Repairs done by anyone other than AMC Countertops will void all warranties.