Party-Perfect Charcuterie Board

December brings plenty of holiday parties and get togethers with family and friends, which means there’s lots of Pinteresting of appetizers and dishes to share! We are sharing our “Party-perfect Charcuterie Board” that your guests are sure to love! There’s room to be creative, and make sure you select the items you and your family loves!

Create the perfect meat and cheese board for your next party by adding lots of variety of cheeses, meats and the fun “accessories” that make it even more fun to eat (and pretty too)!

cheese and meat board

When selecting cheeses, try finding a combination of aged, firm, soft, crumbly and creamy cheeses, as well as different types of milk (cow, goat, sheep) to add different tastes and textures.

The same can be said about meats – add a variety! There are so many choices, but you can never go wrong with thick or thin sliced salami or fan-favorite prosciutto! Add pate for a soft texture and unexpected taste.

The board would not be complete without crackers or bread of course! For an extra fancy board, add fresh cut bread! Also look for rosemary, pita chips or italian-style crackers.

Additional accompaniments such as olives or pickles, nuts, fruits like grapes, apples or pears and condiments like honey, jams, butters or hummus will make it look that much more delicious! Festival Foods and Trader Joe’s have an amazing selection of gourmet and regular items for you to create the perfect charcuterie board this holiday!

Ready to create your meat and cheese board but need the perfect board? We’ve got you covered! Stop by our showroom or contact us to select and purchase your quartz cheese board starting at $75 – select colors only.

And who said the cheese board can only be used for food? Add a beautiful touch to your vanity, coffee table, desk – the possibilities are endless! And they also make GREAT gifts!

cheese board with makeup brushes, flowers and candle

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