Other uses for porcelain in your home

Porcelain is an up and coming material that is now being used to make beautiful countertops. With such a versatile material, however, there are so many more uses for porcelain than just countertops! It can come in countless different styles and boasts low maintenance; here are some of the common areas it is being used in today

Common uses for porcelain:

  • Showers: Porcelain is water resistance and is low maintenance. It will take a lot of use before it shows signs of wear making it ideal for showers heavy water load.
  • Fire places: Porcelain is more heat resistant than ceramic options and comes in many different styles and colors. Great for enhancing your already beautiful fireplace.
  • Flooring: Porcelain is great for areas with heavy traffic, especially with kids involved. They can withstand the running, jumping, and rough housing that comes with having little ones. It is also super easy to clean spills and messes off of porcelain floors.
  • Walkways and entryways: Any place people walk is great for porcelain, even outside on an entryway or porch! They are low maintenance and very resistance to snow and rain. Perfect for the crazy Wisconsin climate!


Your home will be beautiful with whatever way you decide to use porcelain. There are so many different options and it is a cheap and durable material. The perfect home is just around the corner. Be sure to use AMC Countertops Kitchen and bathroom visualizer to make your dream home a reality!

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