Top 3 Quartz Countertop Features

Quartz countertop has surpassed the honored granite for the most popular countertops in 2018. This is not shocking due to its beauty and durability. Through years and years of everyday activity, your quartz countertops will never scratch and doesn’t need to be sealed or reconditioned. There are endless possibilities when it comes to the color or style of quartz countertops. Here are some of AMC Countertops favorite features of quartz countertops that will make your kitchen your favorite room of the house.

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Unlike granite, quartz is a man-made stone, created from 90% quartz stone. This leaves your quartz countertops almost completely nonporous. This is so important for multiple reasons, one being it’s safer for your family. Nonporous means it doesn’t house any moisture or leftover residue, meaning raw food and bacteria won’t seep into the pours and get you or your family sick, and it’s easy to clean!

Scratch Resistant

Quartz is harder than granite, making it more durable and a great work space for your kitchen. Since these countertops are made from 90% hard minerals, knives and other sharp materials stand no chance. Its highly unlikely quartz would ever scratch even in the most severe situation. It’s by far one of the most durable kitchens surfaces you can get!

Any Color or Finish

Most of the time when people think of quartz, they think of a smooth/shiny finish, but the possibilities for quartz countertops are endless. Since quartz countertops are man-made, almost any color and pigmentation can be brought out in the stone, making quartz a perfect option for any kitchen update or remodel. With this being said, there are also little to no imperfections in quartz.quartz countertop benefits amc countertop

The bottom line is that quartz countertops are absolutely stunning with an almost 3-dimensional appearance and are extremely durable, making it a perfect fit for any kitchen or bathroom!

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